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Price: $29.00
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Multi-Angle Stand

The multi-angle adjustable stand allows you to create content anywhere. The stand adjusts from a low-angle position to working on your lap. Micro-Suction technology allows the KeyFolio Expert to work with iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Reliable Protection

The KeyFolio Expert offers solid protection with a durable, reinforced polyurethane fabric cover that protects your iPad in style. A microfiber interior protects tablet from wear and scratches. The tactile, high-performance keys are optimized for the touch typist and also protect your iPad's screen from scratching when closed.

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

A Bluetooth removable keyboard built into the KeyFolio Expert delivers wireless operation and includes iPad-specific media and setting functions such as home button, volume, and brightness. One-touch pairing for the Bluetooth keyboard guarantees seamless operation.

Easy Access

The case provides easy port access to all iPad controls and 30-pin connectors. Openings for the front and back cameras allow for FaceTime use without removing the iPad from the case. The adjustable stand securely holds your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode, with a viewing angle range of 20 to 70 degrees



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