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Price: $165.00
Condition & Warranty: 
Three (3) Months, Refurbished
Web description summary: 

Product Description:

Maxtor 8D147L0 Atlas 10K V 147GB 10K RPM Ultra320 68pin SCSI Hard Drive

The Atlas 10K V SCSI hard disk drive is the industry’s largest and most reliable 10K SCSI drive, with 300GB maximum capacity and a MTTF of 1.4 million hours. Seek times as fast as 4.0ms and 89MB/sec sustained data transfer rate makes the Atlas 10K V drive an excellent solution for any application. It includes Maxtor’s intelligent drive technology, MaxAdapt®, which allows the HDD to adapt to individual system designs for seamless integration while maintaining peak performance.

MaxAdapt features include:

  • Adaptive Bias Estimation -- maintains consistent performance
  • Virtual Cache Lines (VCL) -- allows dynamic assignment of cache segments
  • Adaptive Active Filtration -- improves signal integrity
  • Rotational Vibration Compensation (RVC)   -- monitors and corrects for induced vibration

Performance improvement features include:

  • Anticipatory read and write streams -- minimizing latency
  • Opportunistic pre-fetch -- uses latency between commands to read ahead
  • Auto Read mode -- improves random and multiple sequential streams performance


  • Double the capacity of 15K RPM drives (per platter) with up to 300GB
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing testing results in 1.4 million hours MTTF
  • MaxAdapt® intelligent drive technology enables seamless integration with virtually any system
  • Ideal for use with even the most demanding high-bandwidth and high capacity enterprise server applications
  • Applications include multi-stream audio and video, RAID applications, SAN and NAS environments, data warehousing, digital filmmaking, email servers and enterprise servers


  • Industry's highest 10K performance
  • Formatted capacity: 147.1GB
  • Seek time as fast as 4.0ms
  • Designed for 1.4 million hours MTTF
  • Third-generation Ultra320 SCSI
  • MaxAdapt® intelligent drive technology
  • 89MB/s maximum sustained data rate
  • 8MB cache buffer
  • Enhanced S.M.A.R.T. features
  • Thermal sensor


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